A word from the Designer

A word from the designer

A word from the designer

Being a woman can be very complicated in today's world. We don't just need to be a woman: We want to be the business woman, the mother, the conqueror, the lover, the student, the sexy and the shy, the brash and the ambitious, and well even more... My precious clients, current and future, who are reading me, I wanted to personally dedicate a few words to you:

Welcome to the fashion world of Pimp Up™!

Ladies, I have put all my passion and energy into Pimp Up™.

Don't wait any longer: establish yourself in this world.

Pimp Up™ will be your best company, your dearest friend during all the occasions of your life! I've dreamed of this moment so many times...And now it's here: Pimp Up™ is online! Pimp Up™ was born, Pimp Up™ has become a reality! This is no longer just a dream that has been going on in my head for a long time...After all my efforts, I am happy to announce that the permanent collection is available for sale and we are currently preparing the summer collection, which will be launched in the second half of May!

Pimp Up™: your secret weapon, your armor…

Wearing Pimp Up™ is not just a question of fashion: it's sharing values, principles, it's a lifestyle.

There are women and Pimp Up™ women!

You are a free, proud and independent woman, and you have the energy and qualities to realize all your dreams in this world.
Pimp Up™ is different, innovative and above all outside of the codes.

Pimp Up™ is a tool of freedom, a way of expressing your personality.
It's taking fashion as a playground and transforming all these looks, all these shoes, it's being unique in the plural with an infinite possibility of combinations.
Designed for women, made for everyday life...

Let me take care of your legs and steel them.

Everything is possible: you have to believe in it and share your dream, your difference, your energy! Let's form our army!

I did it so that you, dear Miss, Madam and even Gentlemen, could distinguish yourselves. Make me proud, let’s show them who we are: We are Pimp Up™!

And the adventure has only just begun!

Pimp Up™ your life!

Candice Maury