Add a new dimension to your shoe collection: Pimp Up™

Finding the ideal pair of thigh-high boots is often like finding the perfect shade of foundation: Impossible!

The model may be suitable for one location, but not suitable for another. That's where Pimp Up comes in. This revolutionary new accessory will help you transform any shoe into a sexy over-the-knee boot with the perfect fit! Made from high-quality fabrics that perfectly fit the shape of your leg, Pimp Up™ will give you everything your old boots never could.

You're probably wondering how Pimp Up can make what's always been impossible a reality. That's why we explain below how to wear Pimp Up™ , so you can live out your thigh-high boot fantasies!

1. Over-the-knee style

This sultry classic is probably what comes to mind first when you see Pimp Up™ , and for good reason! Adjust your pair to the top of your thigh and enjoy.

2. Bent above the knee

Create a cool, tucked-in look by inverting the top of your Pimp Up directly above the knee. This style looks great with sweater dresses or other chic and cozy outfits.

3. Pleated below the knee

Embody relaxed bohemian vibes with a pleated look. This look only works with straight Pimp Up styles, but it's very easy to create - simply scrunch the Pimp Up™ below the knee and adjust until you achieve the pleated effect that you wish !

With the versatility and ease of use of Pimp Up , you'll never have to deal with boring, ill-fitting tall boots again.

Ready to change your boot game forever? Browse our full collection today!

Pimp Up™ your life!