An original creation

An accessory was missing from the female wardrobe, Candice Maury created it: Pimp Up™️!

Look like an assumed woman in thigh-high boots while wearing any shoe: flats, high or vertiginous heels, sneakers.... 

Pimp Up™️ combines the elegance of a garment and the line of a pair of boots into an accessory that turns any pair of shoes into waders.

 In Pimp Up™️, the woman will know how to assert herself, express herself and use fashion as a playground.

 A resolutely modern and elegant style, uncompromising comfort and high quality finishes are the three fundamental principles that the brand defends.

Forget your boots, Pimp Up your life™️!

Designed for women, made for life

Your comfort is our priority. We should never suffer to look beautiful, unlike what our grandmothers used to tell us.

 Pimp Up™️ is designed for the modern day active woman.

The accessory has 4 sizes to fit all body types and legs.

No more fear of having a leg that is too thin, too muscular, too round: Pimp Up™️ gives every woman the opportunity to wear high waders/boots.

By manufacturing special sizes and designing custom products, Pimp Up™️ introduces a completely new concept to the boot world, making fashion accessible to every woman. 

With its unique design, Pimp Up™️ is equipped with a system that hugs the leg and prevents it from slipping, solving the problem that all women face when wearing thigh-high boots. With Pimp Up™️, the days of having to pull on the boot with every step are over !

Your pair of Pimp Up™️ will follow you on every adventure and situation in your life !

Bye, bye boots! Buy Pimp Up™️

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Let yourself be inspired by a passionately fashionable universe:

 Find the essential accessory of the female dressing room, but also our shopping selections, unique luxury pieces customized by our designer Candice Maury.

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Pimp Up™️ your life

The creator of the new 2021 accessory

Who is Candice Maury

Stylist, model, business woman, daring, free, elegant... Candice is a singular and multiple woman at the same time... Just like you.

Creative and inventive, it was during a "waders" shopping session where she couldn't find shoes to fit, that she imagined the fashion accessory that was missing from a woman's wardrobe: The Pimp Up™️. Have the assumed style and elegance embodied while wearing any shoe: high heels, sneakers, booties, flat heel... it's now in your power.

Reveal yourself in Pimp Up™️.

Fashion with integrity

Pimp Up™ goes to great lengths to bring you fashion, yes! but fashion with integrity and complete transparency.

We love our planet and are aware of the impact we have on it and its inhabitants.

We are also part of the Fashion révolution, because our Pimp Up™ accessories should not come at the expense of our planet or its inhabitants.


In 2021, we are aware that the fashion industry has the duty to unite in order to evolve sustainable development practices and to offer solutions to its consumers.

There is an urgent need to protect our people and preserve our planet. 

Pimp Up™ believes in creating quality products that are made to last to preserve the environment for future generations. 

Our commitment starts with working with workshops that respect our values and are close to us.

A local business allows us to carefully observe our entire production chain, until the final validation and shipment of the product.

Our working methods include ethical trade, sustainable purchasing, research into new and eco-responsible materials and animal welfare.

Leather and animal materials policy:

Pimp Up™ only uses certain types of leather, wool and other animal hair but all strictly derived from certified food farms.

Our animal welfare policy applies to all Pimp Up™ accessories, without exception. 

We ban all parts of vulnerable, endangered, exotic or wild-caught species.