Information relating to the use of “cookies” on the site

 Cookies are files that are saved on the device you use to connect to the site. They are used to improve your experience when using our various online services.

The site uses the following types of cookies:

Recording data linked to your account

A cookie allows you to not have to log in again to your personal account each time you visit the website once you have logged in for the first time. This cookie allows you to create a link between your computer and your session; it does not in any way record your password.

Saving your cart

A cookie saves the products that you add to your basket so that you can find them on your next visits.

Recording of navigation data

In order to offer you the right content and redirect you to the online store that suits you, the site records your language and your country using a cookie.

Usage Statistics

Cookies collect anonymous information on the use of the website in order to enable us to make its use more pleasant. We use Google Analytics cookies in particular to improve the content we offer, navigation on the site and to simplify the purchasing process.